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Shaun T in Indianapolis

Shaun T in Indianapolis

  • Author: Brittany
  • Date Posted: Mar 4, 2017
  • Category:
  • Address: Indianapolis, IN

“Who are you?
What do you want for your life in this moment?
And who do you want?
And when will you make the decision to go after it?”

— Shaun T

Shaun T Indianapolis Indiana
Are you making decisions based on emotion? If so, are you in tune with those emotions? Are you basing your decisions on your own happiness – or on your unhappiness? On sadness? Or on anger? Your emotions affect your decisions and your life. Before making any big decision, first ask yourself how you FEEL and what it is that you WANT.

Shaun shared with us a quote from his husband, Scott’s, family. I can’t remember if it was Scott’s mother or father who says this but I absolutely love this saying:

“Your rear view must never be bigger than your windshield.”

Don’t get stuck in the past, my friends. Keep your eye on the future. And get in touch with your emotions, so you can get an idea of where you are going and whether you are making rational decisions. As Shaun says, “You must get in touch with your old self so you can recognize when your old patterns pop back up. Keep these patterns in your rear view. Acknowledge them for the strength they gave you during your journey, but let the negative energy go. When you see an old pattern resurface, it’s okay to wave and say, ‘Hey, girl!’ and then keep right on driving in your own journey.”

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